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In-School Diagnostic Tests

Teachers and administrators can help students evaluate their current readiness by booking our in-school diagnostic test services.

Students are better prepared to navigate the stressors of standardized testing once they complete our 4-step, in-school process, which includes:

  1. A Proctored Diagnostic Exam - Our proctors administer a standardized test at the location of your choosing. We provide all necessary materials and use official scripts and language to simulate an actual standardized testing experience.
  2. Analytical Grading and Qualitative Feedback – We run automated statistical breakdowns on test answers to pinpoint a student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, our experienced tutors provide essay analysis and feedback for each student.
  3. Online Results with Answer Explanations – We provide the grading and essay feedback to each student via a secure, web-based platform. This gives students the ability to review numerical results and review complete answer solutions to every question on the exam so they can better prepare for testing day.
  4. A Follow-Up Informational Session – We offer a follow-up Q&A session for both students and their parents. This discussion highlights the tips and strategies everyone can implement to lower standardized testing anxieties and increase achievement.

Contact us now to find out how diagnostic testing can help your students.

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