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PrepMatters has developed a set of tools to help our clients make the best use of their TI calculators when taking the SAT. Of course, PrepMatters regularly checks the College Board Calculator Policy to be certain that our tools comply with SAT rules. 

The easiest way for clients to get the app is to swing by the office and we'll link it directly to your calculator. If you're working with us from afar, though, we're happy to share the tool with you. Just do the following:


Download the TI Connect tool for your computer, follow the install directions, and launch the software. 

TI ConnectTM for Windows
TI ConnectTM for Mac


Download Calculator Apps, unzip the files, and open the folder containing them. 


Connect your calculator to your computer using the USB cord that came with your calculator. In the TI Connect program, click "TI Device Explorer" and select your calculator.  


Drag the files from the folder into which you downloaded them into the Applications folder under Flash/Archive in the TI Device Explorer directory for your calculator.

Check back soon for info on which apps best suit you needs and for calculator app practice materials! 

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